Alex H. – Brown-Black Belt

Student Name: Alex H.

Parent Name: Gordon

Belt Rank: Brown-Black

Alex has displayed unparalleled dedication to mastering his martial art and continues to amaze us with his progress.

Jake M. – Brown 1 Belt

Student Name: Jake M.

Parent Name: Nicole

Belt Rank: Brown-1

Jake is a great son, a great brother, and a great friend. Jake’s biggest asset is his conviction of the heart. Jake lives every day, every hour, every minute to the fullest and never strays from the passion that he has for life. Jake inspires and makes everyone around him better. His positive attitude is contagious. This is his greatest strength.

Owen M. – Brown-Black Belt

Student Name: Owen M.

Parent Name: Nicole

Belt Rank: Brown-Black

I recommend Owen for these reasons. He is the most adult kid that I have ever met. He is wise beyond his years. He always sees things from a “big picture” point of view and takes everything he does seriously. If Owen under takes a challenge, it’s as good as accomplished. He is an asset to everyone around him and recognized as such by everyone he comes in contact with.

Theron T. – Brown Belt

Student Name: Theron T.

Parent Name: Mary Kay

Belt Rank: Brown

As Theron has progressed through the belts and levels, he continues to mature and be committed to the program to be a black belt someday.

Reid P. – Brown-Black Belt

Student Name: Reid P.

Parent Name: Kena

Belt Rank: Brown-Black

Reid continues to train martial arts with focus and dedication and has started helping with the younger classes as well. He has expanded the breadth of his activities to include soccer, band and hip hop as well as martial arts. He has improved dramatically in his scholastic pursuits as well. His parents are very proud of the young man he is becoming.

Ellie T. – Orange Belt

Student Name: Ellie T.

Parent Name: Keedran

Belt Rank: Orange

I recommend Ellie be promoted form orange belt to purple belt. Ellie has been a very enthusiastic student at PAMA. She has been attending classes on average twice a week in order to learn and excel in TKD. She regularly practices away from the academy trying to perfect her skills. Ellie not only has excelled in TKD since beginning, but has also learned important life lessons that her parents see applied outside of class.

Ben C. – White Belt

Student Name: Ben C.

Parent Name: Heather

Belt Rank: White

Ben has worked hard to achieve his goal of testing at white belt. Ben’s dedication and focus has helped him achieve his goal. Ben’s love for Taekwondo is evident and we look forward to seeing him test in many other belts. Ben has been diligent at home achieving goals at home, as well as the gym.

Logan B. – Yellow Belt

Student Name: Logan B.

Parent Name: Samantha

Belt Rank: Yellow

Logan has shown perseverance in learning new Taekwondo skills by practicing at home. He looks forward to coming to class and advancing in his belts. Logan has demonstrated a respect for his Taekwondo learning and is always ready to learn new skills.

Keira J. – Purple Belt

Student Name: Keira J.

Parent Name: Wendy

Belt Rank: Purple

Keira has worked hard to learn her new form. She has also been working hard on things at home and using techniques to stay calm. We are very proud of her and excited to see her continue on her journey to Black Belt.

Dasha U. – Blue Belt

Student Name: Dasha U.

Parent Name: Natalia

Belt Rank: Blue

Dasha worked really hard to get the next belt/rank. She practiced her moves at home and did her best not to miss any classes. She also helped with chores around the house. I believe receiving the next belt will be well deserved!